CLEARWATER, FL — Many women who suffer pain due to female health issues put off surgery due to the fear of invasive procedures or the lack of proper recovery time. A local physician is now offering minimally invasive surgery to her patients that may mean less pain, and less down time. Doctors are using a robot and 3-d technology and the results are a quicker return to normal for women in our area.

Sandra Webb had tried everything. Every therapy and even surgery to rid her of the pain and bleeding that came with an enlarged fibrous uterus. I’d be laid up in bed. I couldnt get up it hurt so badly.”

But like many women, Sandra feared having an invasive hysterectomy followed by a long recovery period. I had a c-section six years ago and I remember being laid up for a good six weeks and most of that was in intense pain. I have children at home I need to take care of so I couldn’t be laid up for six weeks. ”

Then she visited Dr. Jennifer Hayes at Visionary Centre for Women in Clearwater.

Doctor Hayes uses robotics to offer minimally invasive gynecological surgery like, a hysterectomy, to patients like Sandra. She says, The Divinci allows me to do procedures in the abdomen that I couldn’t do laproscopically.”

The Davinci robot has two robotic arms, representing her left and right hands. They hold the instruments that allow her to perform surgery using only dime-sized incisions. When I look into the abdomen, its like three dimensional, high definition. It’s better than my own eyes even if had a big incision.”

The Divinci is computer driven so it only does what the doctor does. Dr. Hayes says, The most amazing thing is they articulate seven different ways like the human wrist
So I can go around big rangly fibroids or tough little endometriosis and adhesions in a way I could never do it with long laparoscopic instruments.”

Sandra likes that she had less pain, and a much shorter recovery time than when she’d had that C-section. I have no problems at all. I’m back to being healthy. I’m very happy.”

Dr Hayes says she can use the robotic system to do hysterectomies, operate on fibroids, endometriosis and adhesions.

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