Florida Career College Massage Therapy Holiday Spot.

If making other people look and feel good makes you happy, if building a solid career working in pleasant surroundings interests you, while doing something you really enjoy sounds appealing, then take a good look at the Wellness industry.

As more and more people realize the benefits of looking good and feeling good, and of the health benefits involved in massage and clinical skin care, the industry continues to grow. At Florida Career College, we have built spacious clinical skin care and massage facilities, open-to-the-public so you get valuable real-world experience and so that our well-trained instructors prepare you for the appropriate certification exams in your field.

We have selected our programs specifically to meet todays demands and the aging population here in Florida, and with the hands-on training you get from experienced instructors who really care, you get an education that employers value or that will help you develop a clientele and business of your own. If you havent done so yet, make an appointment to visit one of our campuses so you can see the excellent, modern facilities and dynamic learning atmosphere we provide. Youll soon discover why we are known as The College That Cares.

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